Leonard L Krause founded Electronic Data Technology to market paper based tape word processing equipment to generate Reader’s Digest like personalized form letters. EDT also sells the first calculator with a single button square root key. It had 26 circuit boards! Word Processing products evolved to cassette tape, diskette, and eventually hard-drive based computer systems.


Leonard L and his son Len Krause founded Computer/Dynamics to market Basic Four computer systems. The Basic Four was one of the first multi-user mini-computer refrigerator-sized systems that used CRT displays and not punched cards for input. Computer/Dynamics begins to develop software for the Basic Four called Dynamo.


Computer/Dynamics enables Dynamo to run on a Personal Computer with an 80286 Intel processor and the SCO Xenix operating system, enabling for the first time, multiple users to run Dynamo on hardware other than Basic Four.


Computer/Dynamics becomes an authorized IBM Risc System 6000 reseller, making Dynamo available to companies with 30 to 300 users.


After the completion of all Y2K projects, Computer/Dynamics releases DynaWeb, which provides real-time online access to Dynamo data for your customers.

Computer/Dynamics makes the transition from AIX and SCO Unix operating systems to Red Hat Linux, and recommends that platform to all customers, even those with a large number of users, previously limited to AIX based systems.


Len Krause acquires the assets of Computer/Dynamics to start Excellware, Inc. after the passing of his father in 2000. Enhancements to Dynamo and especially Dynamo Tools continue to be made to modernize the application, and to complete customer software development even faster than before.


Excellware announces the availability of FacetPhone, a comprehensive computer based telephone system that integrates with Dynamo.


Excellware announces DynaScan which provides paperless inventory receiving, put-away, picking, packing, and physical inventory using Motorola (Symbol) hand-held systems.


Excellware announces DynaMine, a fully automated data mining/data warehouse for all your Dynamo data.


Excellware announces Dynamo 11, the latest version of Dynamo with a boatload of new features.

Excellware announces DynaStart, enabling users to run Dynamo from a Windows PC, an Apple Mac, or a linux workstation, without needing any terminal emulation software to be installed on the workstation.

Excellware announces DynaStore which provides automatic cloud-based storage of all Dynamo reports.

Excellware announces DynaFax which enables faxing from Dynamo without need for a fax modem, phone line, or other fax software.

Excellware becomes an authorized Google Apps for Business reseller, providing implementation, migration, training, and support services for companies looking to achieve the benefits of cloud based computing.