No matter how good a software package may be and how reliable hardware has become, there still is a need for occasional expert help.

Excellware provides the best-of-breed hardware products and employs secure best-practices to minimize disruption of service. But when things do not work according to plan, we are right there to help.

In fact, we monitor all Dynamo error processing and review server logs proactively using technology that helps us resolve the problem as soon as possible  sometimes even before our phone rings.

We offer a comprehensive Priority Support Plan that includes an extensive array of products and services  all for a single fixed price per user.

Priority Support Services


  • Unlimited telephone & email support for all Dynamo-related matters
  • Complete Dynamo Data Dictionary for exporting most Dynamo data accessible using your favorite spreadsheet, database, or business intelligence product
  • Integrated real-time address verification including Zip+4 lookup for Customers, Ship To addresses, Vendors, etc.
  • Integrated real-time name & address lookup used for new retail customers to streamline the customer experience at your store

Software Updates

  • Daily updates to RedHat Enterprise Linux including security patches
  • Periodic updates to the Dynamo System Management Software (SMS, SMC, SMU, PFM menus)
  • Periodic updates to Dynaweb software used to provide your customers web-based access to Dynamo data
  • Periodic updates to the Dynamo Zip Code to City/State database (located on INQ menu and used during address entry/maintenance)
  • Periodic updates to the Dynamo Accounts Payable and General Ledger packages (VML, A/P, APP, APR, APU, G/L, GLR, GLU menus)
  • Periodic updates to the BBx & BBj Business Basic Programming Languages
  • Periodic updates to Oracle's java
  • Periodic updates to the BBj ODBC capability for accessing Dynamo data via products such as Microsoft Excel, UPS Worldship, FedEx Shipment Manager, etc.
  • Periodic updates to the FacetWin terminal emulation and file/printer sharing software
  • Periodic updates to the software/firmware used on the Cisco or MultiTech internet router


  • Continuous monitoring of Dynamo error messages
  • Daily monitoring of server backup
  • Daily monitoring of break in attempts over the internet
  • Daily monitoring of repetitive failed password attempts
  • Daily monitoring of disc usage
  • Daily monitoring of log file sizes
  • Daily monitoring of web access errors and security breaches

Technical Support

  • Telephone and email assistance and remote control for PC installation, configuration, and troubleshooting*
  • Telephone and email assistance for printer installation, configuration, and troubleshooting*
  • Telephone and email assistance for Google Apps for Business & Microsoft Office applications
  • Telephone and email assistance for router including configuration backup, remote user access configuration, and web site content filtering.*
  • Telephone and email assistance for networking issues
  • Telephone and email assistance for email configuration including anti-spam, anti-virus, etc.

Internet Services

  • Internet Email including web-based email with anti-virus and anti-spam support for all employees
  • Basic web site hosting including web site statistics
  • Installation of Concrete 5 Content Mangement System (CMS) so you can easily maintain your own web site (like this one)
  • Internet domain name registration, e.g.,
  • Dynamic DNS service, which allows you to have a less expensive dynamic IP address, yet still access Dynamo from home or the road, and use Dynaweb.

Emergency Services

  • Same/Next day replacement of failed internet router
  • Same/Next day use of Excellware server or replacement server in case of server failure
  • Emergency 24 hour support


  • 10% discount on all custom application programming
  • 800 number access to Excellware office for long distance customers
  • Online documentation for your specific network, server, internet service, etc.


  • $25 per user per month, plus
  • $100 per server per month
  • 5% discount for quarterly billing
  • 10% discount for annual billing
  • $75 configuration fee is charged for hardware products not purchased from Excellware